Jessica "Jet" Jones has become one of the key makeup artists among her peers in the Lehigh Valley, Eastern Pennsylvania and the Tri-State area. She is a true jack-of-all-trades in the beauty industry as well as an eclectic background as a stylist in the commercial makeup & hair industry as well as weddings.

Jessica is an Art Curator, Paul Mitchell Licensed Hair Stylist/Cosmetologist and self-trained makeup artist working professionally as a Commercial Makeup and Hair Stylist for 8+ years. She has apprenticed 300 hours in 2016 for cosmetic tattoo/permanent makeup, is certified in bloodborne pathogens and is a member of the national Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals(SPCP). 

Jessica "Jet" Jones has worked in commercial photography (both print and fashion), feature films, television shows, music videos, TV commercials, short films, documentaries, theatre productions, runway/fashion shows, magazine covers/publishings, billboards, newpaper ads, headshots and weddings. She also continues to work part-time for Suddenly Samantha Salon in Easton, Pa as a stylist with male/female clientele for 7 years. She also provides on location makeup and styling services for your convenience specializing in commercial shoots, film and fashion and weddings. 

She has been a part of over 300 Weddings alone in the East Coast/Tri-State (Pennsylvania, New York City, New Jersey) area and has worked on thousands of clients, including a actors and models since she has begun her profession as a professional Commercial Hair and Makeup Artist. She has also assisted and/or played other roles within the field of Commercial Photography and Film including Special Fx Makeup, Photo Styling, Art Direction, Set Design, Wardrobe assistant, production assistant, Continuity, minimal Lighting/Sound Assistance, Music Direction, Photographer Assistance, acting, etc. 

In this fast paced industry, she often had to fill many shoes and help out where she was needed beyond her role as a stylist. She is dedicated, reliable and more than happy to answer questions and make her customers feel beautiful and special.

Jessica grew up as a visual artist and couples a strong work ethic with a massive attention to detail. 
She is also fiery, down to Earth and fun to work with.

Jessica rises above as an artist and stylist because of her well-rounded and strong versatility in the Hair and Makeup industry. In Jessica's portfolio you will see her versatility and capability to bringing out a natural beauty in her clientele with ease and grace. She also knows her references in Period Makeup/Hair and has taught many people, including actors/actresses how to apply makeup for films and shoots alike. Jessica can do any style that is thrown her way. All you have to do is ask.


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