I have been working as a performer for close to 20 years and have hired my fair share of make-up artists. Jessica’s work on my eyes and coloring is unmatched. I plan to drag her and her make-up case all the way to Boston with me when I move.
— Janis Greim, Actress
Jessica is a professional and unique talent whose work is her art. Her makeup applications enhance natural beauty, which not only does wonders for a Bride’s confidence on the big day, it betters their photographs as well.
— Kerri, Sweet Exposures Photography
I loved Jess Jones from the moment we met! As a photographer, I’m always watching for great artist to team up with... Jess, by far, is my favorite. She’s a creatively powerful woman. From fashion shows to magazine shoots, our professional experiences together have allowed me to discover just what it is that puts Jess at the top of her game. Undoubtedly, the proof is in the pudding - her work is meticulous, creative, sexy and stunning.
— Adrienne Irizarry, Adrienne Irizarry Photography
I highly recommend visiting Jess at Jupiter Crush! Her expertise is valued by so many and her shop is amazing. I am a local chef and I consulted her for advice this weekend. When I am busy cooking for my clients, I want to look my best. Jess gave me the best tips for staying fresh under pressure! Grateful to have you here in the Valley, Jessica Jones xo
— Beth Anna Raynock